First Bath and Lots of Smiles!

The umbilical cord has finally fallen off!! So today, on his seven week birthday, Kale received his first real bath. I think he liked it even though he had a confused look on his face the whole time. Kade stepped up to his big brother role and helped me give the bath.

Last night, Keith and I got to go on a date because Myssi Dickenson was brave enough to volunteer to watch all three along with her two boys. Keith and I got to enjoy wonderful conversation without any distractions while the boys had fun jumping on their trampoline and hanging out with Caden and Kyler. Here is a picture of Kade and Kamden at their house last night sporting their new haircuts.

Here is our new home that we will be closing on this next Tuesday. We drove by it last night and there were so many kids out in the neighborhood. Keith and I are really eager to get moved in so that we can begin building relationships with our neighbors and so the boys can begin doing the same with the children.

And here is Kale sporting a couple of really cute smiles. He is cooing all the time now and still really enjoys just staring at faces. His brothers definitely keep him entertained while he's awake. Last night he went almost 6 1/2 hours in between feedings which allowed mom to get a good nights sleep - that's why I'm posting this blog now instead of trying to get in a quick nap while the boys are sleeping.

Have a blessed weekend!


Fun Times

Though we are a little overwhelmed by all of the biggies going on in our life right now - new child, new church family, moving to a new home - we are trying our best to still savor the sweet moments of life, which are many in our home. I am so blessed to have the husband and kids that God has given me. Keith continues to lead our home in such a God-honoring way while juggling a new role at the church and prepping for the launch of HCBC - North Round Rock in August of 2007. He makes me feel like the most loved wife in the world thru his affection, encouragement and devotion to our family. He challenges me to stay close to the Father. He is already Kade and Kamden's hero and for very good reason. He shows them Jesus everyday thru his words and actions. He models for them the kind of integrity that I pray they one day will possess also. He also shows them how they should treat their wives one day thru his actions towards me.

Today I stayed home with the boys because Kade had a fever this morning. Here are a couple of pics of the boys "helping" me pack some boxes and Kale smiling. It is very hard to get a picture of his smiles right now because they are quick and few right now. I will get a better pic on the blog of his beautiful smile as soon as I can take one. His umbilical cord is still attached as of today and he is a little over six weeks old. If it's not off by his two month birthday, then I have to take him back to Dr. Wacker.

Have a blessed week!


HCBC - Pf Women's Retreat

This weekend I attempted to attend the Hill Country Bible Church - Pflugerville's Women's Retreat with Kale. We only made it thru Saturday morning, but we had a wonderful time getting to know some of the women at the church better. Kale smiled for the first time on Saturday morning for Amy Pruitt and then for Kathy Box. He waited until Sunday morning to show mommy and daddy his beautiful smile. We look forward to many more Kale smiles :)

Here are a couple of pictures taken outside our cabin. The ladies in the second picture are some of the staff wives from HCBC - Pf: Stacie Thompson, Kathy Box, Amy Pruitt and Vicki Roth.

We took the boys to the big pond on the property after we loaded mine and Kale's stuff. You'll see in the pictures that we almost adopted a duck while we were there.

We spent the rest of the weekend packing and organizing. We thought we were going to have a little bit longer to move out of this house after we closed on our new home, but we found out on Friday that we have to move out by noon on the 7th so that the new tenants can move in that afternoon. It's really an awesome story about how that all transpired, but it would take me too long to type it because I would feel the need to include every detail. All I will say is that is was definitely a "God thing." Kale's umbilical cord is still attached as of tonight. The nurse said to give it until he is two months old before bringing him in to see the doctor. I am so ready to give him a real bath. Please pray it comes off soon. I might be a little bit slower at posting than I previously thought. I have had this post in the works since this time last night and I'm just now able to finish it. It's amazing how fast time flys when we're having fun!


The Umbilical Cord Saga

We started off our morning by taking Kale to see Dr. Wacker about his still fully attached umbilical cord. I've heard about moms not wanting to "cut the umbilical cord" from their children, but I have not, until recently, heard about babies not wanting to get rid of it. Is this a sign that he is going to be a mama's boy? We'll see. Dr. Wacker put some silver nitrate all around it hoping that will help his little stump to fall off sometime this week. I'll keep you posted as to it's success. Kale has still not been able to experience an actual bath yet. He's still having to make due with being sponged everyday. He just turned one month old and already he has provided Keith and I with two new baby experiences - viral menengitis and a stubborn umbi cord. I think he already feels the need to show his big brothers up. But enough already!! He's already going to weigh as much as them before he turns 6 mos old if he keeps up at the rate he's going. Today he weighed in at a hefty 12 lbs, 5 oz. Kade didn't weigh that much until close to 3 mos!

Kade is loving his "school," aka Mother's Day Out. Just don't refer to it as anything but school when you talk to him. His teacher told me she is not used to having kids in her class that can carry on complete conversations. He really amazes Keith and I daily with how much information he can process and then communicate to us. He has put together that if he wants all of the dessert and doesn't want to share any with Kamden, he just has to say, "It has milk in it so Kamden can't have it or he'll get sick." How can he be that clever already in his reasoning? He also thinks he is the negotiator for him and Kamden to get what they want all the time. He is constantly trying to negotiate the "terms" with us for whatever we tell them to do.

Kamden is still our happy-go-lucky, yet very dramatic little one. He currently likes to go pretend pee in the potty everytime we take his diaper off to change him. He stands on the stool and holds on to the seat just like his big brother. The only problem is that he's not quite tall enough, so when he does eventually go peepee, I don't think he's going to like the fact that he misses the potty. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now he's having way too much fun trying do it like his big brother.

Here are some pictures taken during the past couple of weeks.

Kale posing for a quick picture before bedtime...

Kinsey, Kade and Kamden all join Kale for fun on the play gym. Is Kale waving at the camera? And does Kinsey look a little overwhelmed? Maybe she's just realizing how outnumbered she is when she's with the Ferguson boys. I'm sure she'll be able to hold her own though :)

Our boys have the best grandparents in the world. They have helped out in so many ways during the past month with Kale's birth and while he was in the hospital. They all came to visit for Labor Day weekend. Here are some pics of papa, mama E. and granny with the boys.

Have a great day!


I am giving in to the blog world!

Thanks to our good friends Douglas and Darin Hallam, I have now surrendered to the blog world. If you haven't already checked out their blog about their beautiful little girl, Kinsey Marie, you should (http://hallamfamnews.blogspot.com). They have done an excellent job in journaling Kinsey's life so far and keeping their friends and family up to date on what's happening in their lives. Because of them, we have gotten countless comments about why we don't do the same kind of thing (thanks Douglas and Darin). Keith already has a blog where he posts pictures of the boys occasionally, but I thought I would try my hand at blogging with my primary aim at keeping our friends and family updated on our crazy, but absolutely wonderful, life.

Yesterday Kale turned 1 mo. old. Here are a couple of shots of our chunk of love - and I mean chunk! He is very social already. He loves to look at his mommy and daddy's faces while we are holding him and he has just started making the "ahh" sound randomly.

We got out the tent yesterday for Kade and Kamden to entertain themselves with because it was raining. They ate dinner in the tent and watched Tom & Jerry before bedtime. Do they look like they're having fun or what!?

I am going to send out an e-mail tonight to everyone in my address book with the link to this site, but if you think of anyone else who I didn't have an address for, please forward this site to them. God bless.