Watch out Kade and Kamden, Kale is on the loose!!

Kale began crawling/scooting on his tummy on his 8 mo. birthday. He does a combination of rolling, crawling and scooting to get to where his brothers are playing. He is a very determined little (really little is not the right word to describe him) boy. If you get in his way while he is trying to get to a toy, he will just try to crawl over you. This was also a big week for him as far as his food. He is now eating more finger foods - so far he's had cheerios and green beans. I bought him tofu tonight at the store because I remembered that Kinsey really liked it when she started eating adult foods. I didn't even know what tofu looked like until I bought it for Kale. I thought it was the stringy stuff you put on sandwiches and salads - now I'm curious - does anyone know what the stringy stuff is called if it's not tofu? This is a good test to see if anyone really reads the blog or just looks at the pictures.

Funny story I have to record so I don't forget it - Last night, we were eating pizza out on the patio and Kade began whining about wanting some candy. I responded by saying that mommy was still praying and asking God what rules we should have regarding sugar in our home. Now I have been giving him this same answer since Easter when we were bombarded with sugar. Kade seems to really be controlled by sugar already at such a young age. His major meltdowns seem to occur because of not getting whatever sugar he is desiring at the time. Sugar, or the desire for sugar, is also usually involved when Kade shows a deceitful or manipulative spirit. Now let me go back to last night. After I told him that I was asking God for wisdom regarding sugar rules, he responded by saying very seriously, "Could you ask him right now?"

Another funny - this time Kamden's the star. The boys and I made a trip to Wal-Mart last week. I had spent an hour walking thru the store, the whole time trying to corral Kade and Kamden who were supposed to be walking beside the cart, but for some reason kept getting distracted. We were on the last aisle when I saw that Kamden had not followed us from the previous aisle. As I turned the corner, ready to scold Kamden for not obeying, and about to cry because I was so exhausted, I beheld the funniest site ever. Here comes Kamden down the aisle, running with his hands out and wearing the Wet Floor sign on his head. It's amazing how God used one of my children who I was so frustrated with to bring me so much laughter. I wish I had had my camera with me so that everyone could see him and have a good belly laugh with me.

Here are a couple of pics that we took at the church. The one of the kids on the bench are our kids and the Shock kids. Aubryn, Keirah and Leif are like cousins to our boys. We are so excited that they will get to grow up together.

Have a blessed week!