Great Adventure

All of the Hill Country Bible churches put on this awesome summer event for kids in our community every year called Great Adventure. It starts out with all of the teens going away for one week to prepare to lead these kids clubs and be able to clearly share the gospel with kids. Then, they come back and do a fantastic job in putting on the clubs all over the Austin area, which took place July 7 - 10th. Our RLG hosted one in our neighborhood at the big park. Here are a couple of pics from the week.

We had over 300 kids attend the 12 clubs that our church hosted in the Round Rock area. What is awesome is that all of those kids heard the gospel! Then, to wrap up the week, every church puts on a version of Summerfest - a huge carnival for the community. We held ours in the parking lot of one of our high schools - here are two pics I managed to get from the evening. We had close to 1,000 people attend and it was tons of fun for all of the families who came out. The biggest hit was the skateboarding group that came out to perform. I just hope my boys don't decide to try any of their tricks any time soon!

Now, to wrap up the Great Adventure, our youth and many of our adults are leaving tomorrow for a mission trip to Mexico. Please pray for God's favor on them as they minister at an orphanage by loving on babies and tackling a couple of construction projects. Pray also for safe travel and unity among the group (and good weather would be an added bonus :)

Some of you may notice that I am posting this blog at 4:30 in the morning. It is amazing how your sleep schedule is radically affected by a newborn :)


Missing my boys!

So, you would think that I would love having a couple of days with just two kids vs. four to get used to life with a newborn. But, I have felt a little lost this week honestly. Kade and Kamden have been having a great time with their E. and Papa this week, but their mama has struggled. Those two add so much life to our home. It's funny, Kale usually entertains himself when his two older brothers are home, but while they have been gone, he has acted like he doesn't know how to play by himself. Keith and I have become his playmates and he has a meltdown if we leave him at all. So I think I have discovered that it is harder to just have the two younger ones than when I have all four of them, even with all the demands.

We have had some awesome time to just love on Kale and get to know Brynlee though. Kale continues to amaze us with his love for music. He can sing more songs at 23 months old than I could sing at ten years old, I think. His favorite is "Savior, He Can Move the Mountains." He sings the chorus to that song at least 10 times a day. He also loves "My God is An Awesome God," "Zaccheus Was A Wee Little Man," "Old MacDonald," "Praise Ye The Lord," "Praise Him, Praise Him, All Ye Little Children," "Jesus Loves the Little Children," and "Jesus Loves Me." He can sing all of these with clarity. And he is always so joyful. I just love how he gets excited about everything.

Brynlee is beautiful and an easy baby. She is sleeping well for the most part and hardly ever cries. Kale has stepped up to his big brother role this week and really taken good care of her. He will not let any other children get near her - he'll get by her and yell "My baby!" And we catch him kissing her a lot.

I'll stop rambling now and post some pics which are what you really want anyways. The journaling is more for me to remember what to scrapbook about, so forgive the long blog.


The Past 30 hours

Induced yesterday morning at 7:00 a.m. It was a wonderful day full of excitement that we would get to meet our precious baby daughter soon...
Pics from her birth and special visitors at the hospital...

I think this picture of the boys coming to see their baby sister represents their personalities so well. Kale with his always joyous smile, Kamden with his Batman cape on and Kade focused on Brynlee. I am overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord when I look at this picture.

First picture of our family of six...
Brynlee Sage Ferguson...


Signs that she is on her way

Well, I haven't blogged in over two months and the more time that goes by, the more overwhelming the task of catching everyone up on the Ferguson's. So, I procrastinate...and procrastinate. But I've decided that it is easier just to start from this moment - which is a moment that I definitely want to capture. We are at the hospital, eagerly awaiting the induction process to start so that we can finally meet our daughter. Here are a couple of pics from today that highlight getting ready for Brynlee.

bags packed and ready to go...

4th of July outfit washed and ready to be worn...
my last full body pregnancy shot...we're on our way to eat at Chuy's with the boys and our parents...I can't believe that the next shot taken at our front door will be with me actually holding Brynlee!

The boys wanted to take me to my room so they could see where we would be staying...they are so eager to meet their new baby sister.

It is weird to think that we won't be the "family with all boys" anymore. Here is a last family shot of what our family unit has looked like the past two years. I would have loved to have had three older brothers to look out for me as a little girl - I hope Brynlee feels the same way :)
And now we are just waiting. I am all strapped up to the monitors, listening to the beautiful sound of her heartbeat while lounging in the ever popular hospital gown that doesn't cover nearly enough. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, we'll have pics up of the newest addition to the Ferguson family.