Kade's 3rd Birthday Party

This picture was taken of the boys this past Friday. Kade will be 3 years old tomorrow, Kamden is 19 months and Kale is 2 1/2 months old. They are the most precious boys - Keith and I fall more in love with them every day. Kade is getting close to exiting the "terrible" two's and Kamden is blasting thru the door to the "terrible" two's. It's not really terrible, but it is very tiring sometimes. Kade and Kamden can't live without each other, but they have to work really hard occasionally to live with each other at the same time. And they both seem to adore their newest brother. What I love most about all three of them is that they love to smile and laugh out loud. They enjoy life to the fullest and look at everything with such wonder.

Here are a couple of pictures from Kade's birthday party. We got him this cool t-ball machine that can either shoot balls straight up in the air for you to hit or pitch it a little ways for you to hit from a distance. The boys at the party thought this was the best toy ever. Actually, Keith and I are having fun with it too.

This is a great picture of the Ferguson men. And to think there was ever a concern that the Ferguson name might die out :)


Ferguson Family Night

Last night we took the boys to the Round Rock ISD Festival of Bands. All of the high school bands performed their halftime shows and the Baylor University Golden Wave Band closed the evening. We, of course, didn't get to stay the whole time due to Kale's hunger pains, but the boys, especially Kade, loved seeing the "teen-A-gers" playing instruments.

Kale has found his thumb and he LOVES it! He is sleeping 8 - 9 hours at night and is just the sweetest baby in the world. His favorite thing right now is getting whoever he is looking at to smile back at him. And that is an easy task to accomplish since his smile is so cute and lights up his whole face.

Our neighborhood put on a Pumpkin Festival this past Saturday. The main attraction for Kade was the fire truck.
We are excited about Halloween this year because we are starting a new tradition. We are going to be grilling hotdogs to pass out to our neighbors as they trick-or-treat. We figure that is a great opportunity to meet more of our neighbors. We are also praying thru what it would look like to host a Bible study for our neighborhood. We do feel a little overwhelmed about getting to know a whole new set of neighbors. Please pray for us that we would truly have a heart for those who live right around us.


Snapshots from the past two weeks

Sorry it has taken me so long to post since we moved. But here are some pictures that capture what has been going on in our world lately.

Though Keith was about to shoot me for wanting to take a picture, I just had to get a shot of him walking in to write the biggest check of our married life. We are now the owners of our first home and we are so very thankful!

Our new home didn't stay new very long - I came into the breakfast nook to find a banana wedged in the blinds on our back door. Kade and Kamden looked so very proud of their contribution to the decorating of our home. Like I said in an earlier blog, we never lack for entertainment in our home.

Kale turned two months old on the 11th of October. He is such an easy baby and loves to smile and coo alot. He also enjoys getting kisses from his older two brothers. They take frequent breaks throughout the day just to go over and give Kale a kiss. Kamden also likes to try to lay on him, but we'll focus on the kisses :) Currently, we are working to get Kale to take a bottle so that Keith and I can go to the Jeremy Camp concert with some other couples this Friday. Last night didn't go so well, but tonight's a new night! (I have no idea why this is underlining everything - I tried to turn it off, but obviously my attempts failed.)

This is Kamden taking his first nap in his "big boy" bed. This was actually taken last week. Since then, we moved him back to the crib because he cried so much in this bed. After two nights in the crib, he told us before bed on Monday night that he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed. We let him get up on the bed, thinking that we would be taking him back to the crib - but what do we know - he put his head on the pillow, thumb in his mouth, and other hand on his belly button and off to sleep he went. Last night he did the same and has taken both naps in his big boy bed also. I can't imagine it being this easy, but it just might be. I'll update you in a few days.

Callie and Zach, our neighbors from our old house, was our first official visitors on Friday. Zach and Kale are about seven weeks apart in age. Callie and I began walking and going to the gym together after the boys were born and have become fast friends. I will miss having her and Scott for neighbors, but I know we will still hang out.

Then Nick, Jada, Aubryn, and Keirah came to visit us for the weekend. This is a picture of our clan together (minus baby Shock #3 who will be visiting us shortly :) sitting on our front porch. We have laughed because Nick and Jada have been to visit us practically the next day after move in at all three of the places we have lived. But they are like family, so we really encourage their visits. It is amazing looking at this picture at how our families have grown since we became friends. It is such a blessing to have friends to grow up with. And we have all grown up in a lot of ways - getting married, graduating from college, having kids, being in the ministry full-time, dealing with the loss of a child thru miscarriage, purchasing our first homes, did I mention having kids?! - three each to be exact. It doesn't matter how large our families get though - we will still be getting together at each other's homes and just try to enjoy the sometimes organized and sometimes unorganized chaos that a home with two full families has.

Saturday night, Douglas, Darin and beautiful Kinsey came to bring dinner and hang out. We have also experienced a lot of life with Douglas and Darin and treasure their friendship. We miss living across the street from them. Maybe our neighbors across the street now will be selling their home when Douglas and Darin want to move, so we can enjoy the same setup again in the future.

Kade and Kamden practicing for Halloween night. Are they the cutest things you've ever seen or what?
How much does mommy and daddy love you, Kale? His answer, "Thissss much," as he extends his arms wide.
Have I mentioned that Keith is the best dad ever? He is and I think you can tell from this picture that the boys think the same thing.

Hope all is well with our friends and family. We love ya'll.


My Favorite Tin Man

I wanted everyone else to be able to get a laugh like I did of Keith dressed up as the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. The staff at HCBC - Pflugerville puts on a skit every year at the Ministry Appreciation dinner. Keith did have a silver mask on over his hair also before this picture. It took the boys a couple of minutes to truly believe that this "thing" was their daddy. I don't think that Kamden ever really believed that was his daddy. He was wide-eyed the whole time, but he didn't cry. The skit was hilarious, especially our pastor, Danny Box, who played Dorothy. There is nothing like seeing your pastor dressed up like a little girl to get you laughing.

On another note, I just want to say a huge thank you to my sweet husband - Keith, Todd Pomroy, Evija Fox and Douglas & Darin Hallam for helping to get our home painted. It is now 11:30 p.m. and Keith, along with Todd and Douglas are still painting. All of these people who helped have families that had to go without getting to see them as much today so that they could help us. We treasure our family time, so I know what a huge sacrifice it was to give up that precious time today in order to paint. So again, let me say thank you.