December pics

One of my sweet friends, Megan Stewart, sent the boys matching p.j.'s for Christmas. They had to put them on as soon as they opened the present - thanks Megan !December activities began with the Women's Christmas event at our church. I co-hosted a table, which meant that we were responsible for decorating the table and inviting our table guests. I was so blessed to have Mom F. drive in from Rowlett to attend with me. My ex-next door neighbor, Callie, was also my guest. We had a great night of fellowship.

Next on the December agenda - Winter Wonderland - an event that our neighborhood association puts on every year. They make snow and cover this hill in our neighborhood and provide sleds for you to ride on. This was probably the worst idea that Keith and I have had thus far in parenting. First of all, it was freezing. Second, the wind was blowing very, very hard. Third, we weren't dressed for the event - let's just say there was a lot of mud. It took me longer to clean up our clothes after we got home than the amount of time we spent there for the boys to slide down two times each with Keith. Mom and Dad F. went with us...I don't think they'll be saying yes to any other ideas Keith and I propose for awhile :)
Paul Williamson came to visit us a couple of weekends ago. It was so good to get to see him. His whole life is about to change like ours did last year. He graduates from DTS this month and will be getting married this summer to a beautiful lady, Anna Shaver. After they get married, they will begin raising support to be missionaries with Wycliffe.

Kamden has a new routine. He lays in his bed and waits patiently for Kade to go to sleep. Then, he gets up and comes out to spend time with mommy and daddy by himself. He is so cute that he makes it really hard to send him back to bed.

We attemped to make a gingerbread train on one of our family nights. Let's just say that I think more candy got into Kade and Kamden's mouth than onto the train as decorations.

Kamden got his first black eye last week. He collided with Kade in the hallway and walked away with evidence of the collision.

I will close with a couple of pics of Kale at 4 months old. I took him for his 4 mo check-up and he weighs 16 lbs, 12 oz. He has to be the happiest baby ever - always with a huge smile to give to anyone who will look at him. Lately, he has been spending more time on his tummy and has gotten pretty good as grabbing anything within reach. He is sleeping 12 hours at night and only nursing 4 times a day. He is growing up way too fast - as are Kade and Kamden.
Good night!


Thanksgiving Snapshots

We began the morning with Mimi teaching us how to make the perfect dressing. Mimi's cornbread dressing is one of our favorite Thanksgiving foods.
This was actually taken the day before while we were at our Getting Away To Get It Together, but I thought it was a cute picture because it looks like Kale is praying.
Here we are trying to take a family picture...I have no idea what I'm doing with my hand, but at least two of our three are looking at the camera for this picture.
watching a little football with daddy...
having some granny time...

Kale got to meet both of his great grandmothers on Thanksgiving. Here he is with his Nanny - she must be a very funny lady :)
...and here he is with his Mimi. He's already let me know that he wants to learn how to make dressing from his Mimi next year at Thanksgiving. He saw how much fun his brothers had learning this year and he wants in on the action too.
Kade and Papa hiding out in the bedroom before the meal.

My favorite...leftovers! I really look forward to these every year. This is the only food that we can eat on for three days straight and not get tired of it.
I'm so behind on posting pictures. I have some cute ones from today when we took the boys to a "sledding in the snow" event in our neighborhood. So far, that has been the worst decision we have made in regards to what to take the boys to enjoy. It was freezing, muddy, did I mention freezing and windy, and way too crowded. It took us longer to get cleaned up than it did for Keith to slide down the hill a couple of times each with Kade and Kamden. I chickened out when I saw how muddy it was at the bottom of the hill. Anyways, I'll try to post pictures of it in the next couple of days.