Happy 1st Birthday Kale!

Here is a fun pic of our precious little one year old!

The next 5 pics are of Kale getting to have his cupcake. Let's just say he enjoyed every bite and then some!

Here is Kale with his buddy, Leif Shock. They are only 3 months apart and I pray they will be the best of friends as they grow up together.

I know this is crazy, but I have never put a pair of shoes on Kale. So our good friends, Douglas and Darin, thought it would be good to give him a pair of shoes so that he didn't have to go thru life barefoot. He loved them! I took them off after a little while so that he could go swim and he crawled right to the bag I put them in, took one out and tried to put it on his foot again.

opening presents with mommy...
Kale only swam a little at his party. Most of the time he stood right here by his little table and ate off of all his friends' plates as they would come to eat a snack. Have I ever mentioned that Kale loves to eat? He does - all the time!

Bret, Tomi, Henry (shown in pic) and Eli Ostendorf
mommy, daddy, Kade (shown swimming to daddy) and Kamden
Adam, Kendall, Ainsley and Cori Brunson

Douglas, Darin, and Kinsey

Kurt, Dionne, Jacob and Emma