A Not So Good Morning

What a day. I began the morning in the best of spirits - a solid 30 min. of quiet time with the Lord while sitting in my favorite recliner with a good cup of coffee. I felt like I was ready for the whatever the day brought me. Well...I wasn't. The boys woke up and loved on me a little before beginning with their usual morning needs - feed me breakfast, feed me more breakfast, get me something to drink, clean up my spill, change my diaper, get me dressed, make my bed, play with me, get me a snack, put my superman cape on, take my shirt off, put my shirt on, etc., etc. Then, we had to get ready for a picture appt I had scheduled for Kale's one year appt at JCPenney's. Now, for those of you who don't know or don't remember what goes into getting ready for portraits, let me give you the run down of our prep this morning. First, I had to make sure they were all in good moods - slept well, fed well, not sick or teething. Then the process of getting them loaded in the car with all of their outfits and props for the pics. Then we had to unload everything at JCPenney's. Then we waited...and waited...and waited. Three workers in the store and not one of them is trained they later tell me. They're just figuring things out as best as they can. I can't even put in words the emotions I went thru in that store this morning. Kade and Kamden were climbing on everything and running around the studio. Kale chose not to cooperate at all for the pictures once we finally were seen (20 min. later). Plus, the lady taking the pictures didn't do one thing to put him in place where she wanted him. She didn't even know that he needed to be on the red light!! I would think that is a basic. I am not even a photographer, just a mom who has had a lot of pics taken of her kids, and I know that! Finally, I gave up trying to get even one good pose because I couldn't get them to pose and smile and corral the others who were not in the picture all at the same time. I thought I was going to go insane. But it actually got worse. One of the ladies told me it would just be five minutes before I could view the pictures she took. 30 minutes later I had to call Keith to come help me because the boys were being so bad and I was dealing with A LOT of frustration over the whole morning. My deal is that they should have just called me to reschedule if they knew that none of them were capable of running the studio. I had to even pull up my pictures on the computer for the lady because she couldn't figure out how to do it. All of these girls seemed young and probably didn't have any kids, so they've never experienced the pain that is involved in trying to get a couple of good pics of you children. But when you do go to all the trouble - it is a real bummer to not have someone who knows a little bit about what they are doing. She didn't even get one picture of Kale looking at the camera and smiling. I hate to just rant - so I'll end with the fact that I just had a great evening with my husband who cooked a great dinner for me and then we enjoyed a little family time before putting the boys to bed and now he wants me to come cuddle with him and watch Heroes. A good end to a not so good morning.