Special Night

Kamden trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior tonight after our Real Life Group was over. He has been telling us for over a week now that he wanted to become a Christian and we kept saying that we would continue to dialog about it. Well, tonight after baths, he basically came into the room and told Keith and I that he had prayed to God and told Him he was sorry for all the bad things he and his brothers had done today. That led us into how God forgives us when we ask because of the cross. He said "I know Jesus died on the cross for bad people." We asked who the bad people are and he said me and Kale and you and daddy and everybody. The more that we discussed it and listened to Kamden explain what he believed, the more we understood that he was really ready to pray. He prayed first and then Keith got to lead him in a prayer that conveyed everything that Kam had already told us. It was so cool to hear him communicate the gospel thru the gospel fuzzies that our teachers sing to our kids faithfully every week at church. He was already trying to evangelize to Kale, but Kale's response was, "Kamden, did you know when you eat a lot of food that you get a headache?" Seriously, though, I hope that Kamden does have the chance to lead his younger brother and/or sister to the Lord - that would be so awesome! Well, I know I hardly ever blog anymore, but I thought this was definitely worth journaling about :)