Eventful Day

I took the boys to one of the neighborhood playgrounds this morning with a couple of friends. I don't even know if we had been there two minutes when Kamden fell about 4 feet onto a platform and busted his chin open. So, we got to spend almost two hours at the ER while they glued up his chin. We are just thankful that he didn't break any bones or lose any teeth because he fell pretty hard. And we're thankful that they were able to just use the Durabond and not have to use stitches because then they would have had to sedate him. I will post pics once Kamden wakes up from his nap. As soon as we got everyone back home, I had to leave to go to my 16 week pregnancy check-up. I've gained a pound since my last appt. and blood pressure looks really good. The best part of the appts is getting to hear the heartbeat. At 12 weeks, the baby's heartbeat was around 167 bpm and this time the heartrate was around 147 bpm. So, now I am leaning towards boy again. The 167 bpm threw me off and had me thinking girl, but I better stick to what I know. Either way, praise God for such a strong heartbeat!


Playing Catch Up

I know, I know...it's been forever since I've blogged. A couple of things have been going on to keep me away - like the first trimester of pregnancy which was a little bit rougher than the previous three and having three little boys who already just want to eat all the time! I feel like I should just stay in the kitchen all day preparing for the next snack or mealtime. Also, we've just been busy enjoying the holiday season. Not busy in a hurried way, just busy enjoying life together and celebrating the birth of our Savior. This has definitely been the sweetest Christmas season since we've had children. Our boys were excited about getting presents, of course, but they were also very clear as to why we celebrate - because Jesus Christ was born and a way was made for us to enjoy eternal life with our heavenly Father. O.K., well maybe Kale doesn't quite get that yet, but give him a break, he's only 1! Kade and Kamden understood as best as they could though. We enjoyed special time with our parents and sister and brother-in-law over the holidays and also just got to enjoy spending time with some special friends. We got to see our newest baby in a sonogram and just praise God that this little miracle looks healthy. We can't wait to know if this one is a boy or girl. Either way, our complete family will be fun - can you imagine, a family of four boys?!! or can you imagine, three older brothers and a little girl?! We'll get to find out next month - so keep checking the blog because I'll definitely blog about that news.

Here are some pics taken from over the holidays thru Christmas. Because I am so behind on posting pics, I am going to have to catch everyone up in installments. Here is installment #1:

We enjoyed an evening with Douglas, Darin and Kinsey the week before Christmas. Even though we live in the same town and minister together at church, we still don't get to spend very much time together as families. So we were thankful for the time we got to enjoy with them. Here is a pic of Kamden and Kinsey. We got Kinsey tickets to the Express games this next season so we can all go together. Here she is wearing her Express t-shirt. She is the only little girl I know that can make a white oversized t-shirt look cute.
The boys looking cute after church. You know I have to dress them alike sometimes. I know that I better enjoy it while I can before they outvote me on what they wear.
We went to the Zilker Park Trail of Lights with our neighbors the week before Christmas. It was amazing to see all of the lights. Imagine a long trail of scenes like this tree in the next photo. lights, lights, and more lights...and a really good funnel cake!

Just wanted to give everyone a taste of our shopping trips. Yes, we take up practically the whole aisle. Can you imagine when our next baby gets here...I'm trying not to think about it too much right now or I start panicking.
We had the Shock family over for Christmas Eve breakfast. It is still so hard to believe that we live in the same town and can enjoy special moments like this as families. Leif is their youngest - he and Kale are only three months apart in age.
...pounding on the table letting us know they are ready for some food.
The Shock/Ferguson brood. We are definitely doing our share of helping to grow the church :)

Here is Kamden dropping off one of the goody bags we made for our neighbors.
Rick and Katelyn are our next door neighbors. They surprised the boys with a couple of presents before Christmas. We are really blessed to live in the cul-de-sac that we do and to already have such good relationships with our neighbors.
Our Christmas tree...

Our family got to light the Christ candle at the Christmas Eve service. Do you notice what I'm holding while getting ready to light the candle...Kiki. Yes, Kiki shows up in almost every picture, even on stage at church.
Keith and the boys enjoyed a little game of soccer and outdoor fun on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning at our home...

We ended up with four of these nerf shooter guns from Christmas and have had more family fun with them than we ever thought possible. I encourage every family to invest in a couple of nerf guns for good exercise and a lot of laughter.

I loved this pic of mom (or granny) and Kade. We always go to granny's the night after Christmas to celebrate with her and Mike. This year we had mom and dad F., Karen and Alan and Pam join us for the fun.
Speaking of Mike, he got Kamden a real Superman cape for Christmas. So, Kamden just wanted to jump off furniture the rest of the night.

I realized right before Christmas that I didn't have any really good shots of Karen and Alan together, so I made sure to get one while we were with them. Aren't they beautiful? Well, I guess I should say handsome for Alan's sake :)
Keith got me a really good camera for Christmas - I just marvel at the fact that this next picture isn't really blurry because I blew up a very small part of the picture. Kale and I were the only ones smiling and looking in the vicinity of the camera so I cropped it to just us and look - no blur! Being one who loves to take pictures but very rarely can get one with everyone looking near the camera, this is an awesome feature!
We were able to catch up with some of our dear friends from high school while we were back home for Christmas. We just laughed because we are all so grown-up now with kids and jobs and lots of responsibilities that we didn't have in high school. It is neat to see how we are all believers and share a common faith even if life has taken us in different directions.

Thanks for hanging with me until the end. I think this is the longest blog I've ever written. Goodnight!