So much to write about

I hate that I have not blogged this past month because so much has happened. Here's a quick recap and maybe I'll get a chance to follow up with some pictures soon:

1) March 19, 2008 - Kamden turned 3!! We celebrated by taking him, along with about twenty friends, to the local fire station, where our good friend, Mike K., organized a fire truck and ambulance tour for all of us. The kids had a blast and then we came back to our house for hotdogs and popsicles (instead of cake - Kam's request). We are so blessed to get to share life with so many precious friends. As to Kamden at 3, he has the kindest heart of any 3 year old I know. Now, don't get me wrong, he can be a real toot sometimes, but overall, we are amazed at how considerate he is of his brothers and friends most of the time. I just took him on a mommy/son date a couple of days ago, and he didn't want to leave the toy store until we had something for Kade also. He loves to help and gets the most joy out of life when he makes someone smile.

2) March 20, 2008 - I became a Southern Living at Home consultant. Now, if you had told me even a day before that I would being doing this, I would have laughed. But, I am having more fun and have enjoyed earning a little extra income and getting to meet so many women. Keith asked me if I really felt that I needed one more avenue to be social :) Seriously, I think it has got to be the most fun side business out there for women. And it has helped my sanity to get out and have adult woman conversation one night a week. But this is largely the reason I haven't had a chance to blog lately. Hopefully, I'll get in a better blogging routine soon.

3) March 23, 2008 - Easter!! We had over 450 adults worship with us at church between three services and over 600 with our kids too. It has been so overwhelming to us to see how God keeps bringing people to the church and to hear stories of true life-change as people are beginning to center their lives around Jesus. If only you could see the YMCA, where we meet, you would just be amazed that people even are able to find us at all. The hardest part is trusting God that all of these people are connecting and that life-on-life discipleship is happening with as many people as possible.

4) March 28, 2008 - My mom retired!! After 26 years of service at the Department of Public Safety, she finally was able to retire so that she can move to Round Rock to be closer to us. For those of you who know my mom's and my story with my dad, you'll understand the incredible irony of the fact that mom was able to retire largely because she can draw my dad's social security. How awesome is that!!!

5) April 4th - 15th - Keith traveled to Kazakhstan with one of our elders and another pastor to teach at a church plant training center and to do some training at a local church. The first five days were extremely hard on the home front because all three boys had a diarrhea virus and Kale wasn't sleeping at all. I really thought my mom might go ask for her old job back. But life got easier (thank you Lord!) and we survived but were very glad to have Keith back.

We are just two months away from welcoming our baby daughter, Brynlee Sage, into our testosterone-heavy family :) We are starting to get the nursery ready, which is really getting us excited at the thought of meeting her. I can't believe that I am already going to the doctor every two weeks. This pregnancy has gone by super fast and I have been so thankful for how easy it has been so far. So far, I have not had to slow down at all, which is good considering I couldn't slow down even if I wanted to. I even had a couple of comments lately about how I didn't look like I was just two months away. Now for those of you who have seen me in my past three pregnancies, you know what a big deal that is for me. Usually, I look like I'm about to pop by now and get tons of "Are you sure you're not having twins?" comments.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying to the fullest the life God has given us. Every moment is truly so precious and such a gift from God. I so desire to live a life of thankfulness and full of peace knowing that God is truly in control of all things. I pray that for all of you too.