Homemade Baby Food and A Virus

Last week I started making baby food for Kale. It is so much fun and very rewarding to be able to feed him fresh fruits and veggies. Sometimes he gets so excited that he "helps" me by pushing my hand with the spoon in it towards his mouth . My friend, Darin, has given me a lot of guidance in this endeavor. She has made all of Kinsey's baby food and made it seem so easy. And it really is pretty easy. An added benefit is that I have finally learned how to steam veggies. I know that those of you who are expert steamers are thinking, "what's the big deal about learning how to steam veggies?" Well, you know how sometimes you just don't try something because you have built it up in your mind to be really complicated. That's exactly what I had done with steaming veggies. I had no idea that all you had to do was put the veggies, frozen or fresh, in a steamer bowl over boiling water and let it go. I'm hoping that by blogging about getting over my fear of steaming veggies, someone out there will also be encouraged to go crazy with their steamer!

We have had an unwelcome visitor at our home since Friday evening - Kamden has been struck pretty hard with the Rotavirus. He has thrown up continually since Friday around 6:30 p.m. and hasn't had any food except for a couple of crackers since then also. I long to hear his little laugh again and see his cute smile. He was already lean to begin with so this virus has made him like a little limp noodle. He has even been throwing up the Gatorade that we've been giving him to stay hydrated. Please pray for quick healing and that he will be able to hold down a little something to give him energy. Pray also that Kade and Kale stay healthy (and mom and dad).


Date Nights

Keith and I trade off date nights every other week with the Ostendorf family. They have been such a God-send to us. We met them after Keith preached one Sunday at HCBC - Northwest. They came up and introduced themselves because they felt like God was leading them to come to the Round Rock North plant. They have two boys, Henry and Eli, who are very close in age to Kade and Kamden. If the boys have "best" friends at this age, it is definitely Henry and Eli. Keith and I have also gained a wonderful friendship with Bret and Tomi. I don't have pictures of Bret and Tomi, but here are a couple of pics of all the boys at our house this past week.

Aren't they just adorable? I can't even begin to imagine the trouble these four (five when Kale gets a little bigger) are going to get into as they get a little older. After a lot of prayer and talking, Keith and I decided to take Kade out of the Mother's Day Out program that he has been a part of since September. On his last day I took cupcakes and we had a little party to say bye to Mrs. Emily and his friends at school.

E. and Papa came to see us on Saturday. Here is a pic of them with Kade and Kamden.
It was so good to get to spend time with them. I know I say this a lot, but Keith and I really are so blessed to have the parents we do. We couldn't ask for better grandparents for our boys. Granny is coming up this next weekend, so I'll have a pic to post of her with the boys then.

We had a friend come over on Saturday who is an incredible photographer. We needed 6 mo. pics of Kale, 2 yr pics of Kamden and 3 yr. pics of Kade, so she came over and took some wonderful pics at our home and at the playground nearby. I plan on sending them to family and friends to view via Snapfish, but I just wanted to post a couple on the blog.
Have a blessed week!