Iced In and loving it!

I know I am getting slower about posting what's going on at the Ferguson home. I'm just happy whenever I do find some time to post! We have been iced in at our home since Sunday evening. It has been wonderful having lots of family time and a little bit more relaxation, but we are excited that we can now get back to our normal routine. Besides posting pics of the boys out playing on the ice in the backyard, I am also posting pics of Kale eating his first bites of rice cereal on Tuesday. There are also a couple of cute pics of the boys playing McDonalds and a couple of other fun pics. We hope everyone who reads this is doing well and also got to enjoy the winter weather the past couple of days.

Daddy showed them how to make iceballs, the closest thing we got to snowballs :) Here they are chunking them at each other.
Here is Kale helping me feed him his first bite of cereal. He just turned 5 months last week.
I don't think he's too sure about this rice cereal stuff...
Big brother Kade getting in on the action of feeding Kale
Kade got this McDonalds set from E. and Papa for his birthday and they are so cute playing pretend. Kade even says, "Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order."

Kamden was walking around with the headphones over his eyes looking goofy and making Kade laugh. They still have tons of fighting moments, but these two brothers really enjoy playing together most of the time.
It looks like Kale got a little bored with reading his Veggie Tales book.
Kamden loves to walk around with these goggles over his eyes. It is the funniest (and weirdest) thing we've ever seen. He just goes about his normal routine, even eating, wearing them. They actually broke last night when he was trying to put them on and he just looked devastated. He is definitely our Dennis the Menace and the one we're going to have to constantly be watching :)