Kamden turns two!

Kamden is now a big 2 years old. He can talk in complete sentences and make you melt with his smile. He is definitely an individual and loves to make people laugh.

We enjoyed having all of the grandparents and Mike come in for his party. E. and Papa actually got to spend a couple of days with us because they were on their spring break.

thought it would be fun to have some EMS men come to our home to celebrate his birthday with us. Actually, his mom called 911 for a nosebleed - yes, I wonder also why God thought best to give me all boys knowing my extreme aversion to blood. I walked into his room during his nap to find blood all over his face and his pillow. I can tell anyone how to stop a nosebleed when my children are healthy, but my mind becomes total mush at the sight of blood. So it was great fun (and total embarrassment) to have to explain to our neighbors the reason for the ambulance at our house.

This is Kale being very dramatic about his hatred of green veggies. He acted like he was choking every time I would give him a bite of veggies. Where do my children get their drama?


Quick run down of past month

O.k. , I'm going to attempt to catch friends and family up on what we've been up to the past month. We started out one month ago getting ready for Valentine's Day. The boys and I made little Valentine's bags and cookies for the Valentine's party at the library. Then we took daddy lunch at the church . That was a special treat!

Our sweet valentines!

Kade really began to draw pictures this past month. This was his first real picture - just in case you can't tell, it's a picture of a family. By the end of his drawing session, he had drawn our whole family - all five of us! Kamden wanted to add his special touch to the picture also.
Kamden was a pretty sick little boy for almost a week in February. He threw up for what seemed like forever, but then he bounced back and is still trying to make up for the time he lost in eating.

Here is Kade and Kale trying to make their bubba laugh while he was sick. Actually, it looks like Kale was trying to steal Kamden's Kiki (his dog). Kale thinks that everything he can get his hands on should be his chew toy right now.

Kale began sitting up around 6 months. He turned 7 months yesterday. He enjoys sitting up and watching his brothers. He so wants to be able to run around with them already. He grabs anything he is close enough to reach. He laughs all the time, even if he is all by himself. We so enjoy his happy spirit. He can get across the room by rolling and is beginning to rock back and forth on all fours getting ready to crawl. I feel like I'm always going with two boys up and walking. I am a little scared of having three boys that are mobile. The second pic is of Kale waiting for his breakfast. I love using the Bumbo seat for his feedings. I can feed him while I'm getting food ready for the rest of the family.
Kamden has begun to show interest in using the potty. I thought this moment was priceless in the picture. We had just gotten the little potty out of the attic and put it in the bathroom. He immediately went and sat on it and listened to his daddy and older brother as they began coaching him on what to do. Have I mentioned how much I love my family in this blog? Every moment is a moment to treasure.

So Keith and I have been looking for ways that we can be better stewards of our finances. Our newest cost saver: cutting the boys hair ourselves. I just wish we had this initial cut on video. We started out with Kade and let's just say we ended up having to use the #2 blade all over his head because there were some patchy spots after our initial try. Then we nicked Kamden's ear when it was his turn. We were all ready for a rest after that experience!

Keith began coaching Kade's first soccer team this past week. I think he is going to be best coach in the YMCA soccer league this season. We are really excited to get to know the families better. Coaching three and four year olds for soccer is like trying to corral wild horses.

This is Kale making the most hilarious face I've ever seen. He does it all the time and it just cracks us up.
Some of the college kids from Ovilla came thru Round Rock on their way to San Antonio for spring break. We enjoyed getting to spend a couple of hours with them and catch up on what's going on in their lives. We were so blessed to get to be a part of the student ministry in Ovilla for a season.A couple of other things going on - Nick and Jada Shock, our close friends since before we were even married, will be moving to Round Rock sometime at the beginning of April to be a part of the church plant. Nick will be the Family Pastor. I can't even tell you how excited I am that God has allowed us to get to minister together. Also, Kurt and Dionne McBride, friends from Ovilla, will be moving down here in the next couple of months to also be a part of the church plant. Kurt went thru a very lengthy interview process with the RR Police Dept and just got word that he has been offered one of only three positions. We're excited to have them down here serving in ministry with us! Kamden's about to turn two. O.k., that's all my news right now. My husband is rushing me out the door. Love everyone!