June Happenings

I'll start from this past weekend and work backwards thru the month. It has been a fun month, full of life in the Ferguson household. We are currently enjoying Kale as his little temperament is becoming a little bit more evident. He is DETERMINED to get what he wants. And he is not learning the proper response to the word "no" as easy as his brothers did. Keith and I have collectively told him no about playing with the remotes well over 50 times and he still doesn't seem to care that we think it should be off limits. He is definitely taking advantage of the fact that our attention is way more divided with him then the other two. He makes most of his messes while we are with Kade and/or Kamden. But his smile just lights up the room - and so he gets by with things he really shouldn't get by with. He has added so much joy to our home.

We are really enjoying Kade as he is developing into a young boy. He is really trying to figure out what it means to be a boy. I asked him the other day if he thought the flowers were beautiful and he told me very matter of fact, "Mom, boys don't like flowers, only girls like flowers." He just enjoyed his first one-on-one date with his daddy this past Saturday night - pics to follow later. He loves playing with any guitar he can get his hands on. And he tells me every night that he loves me to the sky and back. What a sweet way to end my day :)

And Kamden...he is such an individual. For those of you who get to be around him, you know this to be true, he just melts the heart of whoever he is with. I can't put my finger on how he does it, but he makes everyone near him just smile and feel good about life. He has a laugh that can make the saddest day seem brighter. Already, he truly loves people. But at the same time, he easily gets overwhelmed by lots of people and seeks out the security found in mom and dad. He is the greatest cuddle bug. And, he's really beginning to show interest in using the big potty. We're not pushing him though. But I really can't imagine just having one child in diapers.

Here are some pics to close out with brief descriptions...

Kamden "mowed" the whole yard with Keith on Saturday.
Kade and Kam helping daddy fix the mower.
Mike and mom came on Saturday to celebrate my birthday and Mike's birthday. In fact, Mike's birthday is today - Happy Birthday Mike, we love you lots!
Here are some pics of Kade on his date with daddy. They went to the Round Rock Express game. What fun!!

We were telling a family bye and when we came back inside, this is what we found...Kale had gotten Kam's yogurt from the table and was trying to eat it himself. He was actually pretty good with a spoon for just being 10 months old.

We were in Dallas at the beginning of the month for Mimi's 90th birthday party. We took the boys to dad's work while we were in town.
Kale with his favorite aunt Karen.
This is hilarious - notice how Mimi has Kamden in a choke-hold for the picture of her with all of her great grandchildren. And you wonder who is the Dennis the Menace of our brood?
Kade and Kamden decorating Keith's cake we made him for Father's Day.
I don't think I've mentioned in this blog yet what an incredible father Keith is to the boys. Here he is with them on Father's Day.

This is what I get to look at every night before bed. Keith reading to the boys in Kade's bed.

Kade getting ready to go out on the tractor with Horace at the farm.
Kale asleep on Retta out on the porch swing.
I just thought this was a cute pic of our baby looking big.
a couple of fun pics of the boys playing together at the house...

That's all. Love to everyone!