when catching ladybugs takes priority

With five kids and a husband in full time ministry, I feel like I have to say "no" or "hold on a minute" often when the kids want me to do something.  Last Wednesday was one of those days - I'm especially full of "not right now"'s between 4:30-6:15 every Wednesday when I am frantically getting ready for our RLG that meets in our home.

So you can imagine my delight when I lived life outside the box and said yes to Kamden's request to take him to the school at 5:15 because that's the perfect place and time to find lots of ladybugs. 

I'm so thankful I said yes - this memory is tons better than running around cleaning my house.  It was even more fun because they found ladybugs that were mating.  I would have missed this conversation that occurred on the way home from the school if I had said no....

Kale: "Why do ladybugs mate?"
Kamden (who just read Book #2 of the God's Design for Sex Series with his dad):  "Oh, it's because they're married."
Kade: "Nope, girl ladybugs mate with lots of boy ladybugs. They just go from one to another."

Your turn....surprise your kids by saying yes to a crazy request and let me know what fun story God gives you to tell!

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